The F-Board

F-Board is a revolutionary plastic scaffold platform system.

F-Board is a revolutionary scaffold platform system.

Made to the same size as traditional wooden boards and from 100% recycled plastic, it’s non-slip, consistently lightweight, quick to erect and easy to handle.

Its lock-down retaining system minimizes trips and its unique surface is designed to reduce slip hazards. It’s stronger than traditional wooden boards, and lasts at least twice as long.

In 2012, this innovative product won the Plastic’s Industry Award for Industrial Product Design Of The Year and also won the prestigious Best Recycled Product Award in the National Recycling Awards 2014.

F-Board. The future of scaffolding.

Saves you money

The F-Board plastic scaffold board saves you money.

Whether you’re replacing wooden boards as they come to the end of their life, or updating your entire scaffolding stock, F-Board makes good business sense. It lasts at least twice as long as wooden boards and brings a range of additional benefits that work to save you even more money in the long run.

The F-Board plastic scaffold board saves you money.

Financial benefits

  • No board wastage through warping/twisting/bending
  • Board life at least twice that of wood
  • Integrates with wooden boards, so an easy transition to F-Board
  • Lighter weight means reduced transport costs and quicker handling
  • Lower safety risk may lower insurance premiums
  • Buy-back scheme available
  • Improved H&S can reduce sick days and compensation claims
  • Leasing options available
  • H&S and low carbon impact give the edge when tendering
  • Optional board branding for theft prevention

The bottom line is, F-Board can bring your business significant financial benefits.

Cleaner, safer, greener

The F-Board plastic scaffold board is cleaner, safer and greener.

The same dimensions as traditional wooden boards and therefore F-Board integrates easily with existing boards, allowing wooden boards to be replaced over time as they come to the end of their life.

F-Board is tested to BS EN 12810 and BS EN 12811 and is stronger than wooden scaffold boards.


The F-Board plastic scaffold board is cleaner, safer and greener.

Enviromental benefits

  • Boards are made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Demands on timber for wooden boards is reduced/eliminated
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • F-Boards are recyclable
  • At the end of their use, we will buy boards back and recycle them into new boards*
  • Unlike wooden boards, there is no trans-continental transport issue
  • With F-Board, there is a clear carbon trail for sustainability
  • F-Board is made in the UK

The bottom line is, F-Board can bring your business significant financial benefits.

The F-Board plastic scaffold board is cleaner, safer and greener.

Enviromental benefits

At F-Board we believe that good ethics make great business sense. By using F-Board you are clearly exercising your social and environmental responsibility.

Currently millions of tons of plastic go to landfill or incineration each year in the UK. We’re making a dent in this by manufacturing our boards from 100% recycled plastic. And, at the end of their lifespan, we’ll buy them back and recycle them into new boards*. So, it’s a sustainable loop: unlike the life of most wooden boards.
*Conditions apply

F-Board not only makes good business sense, it’s ethically sound too.

How it works

F-Board is a safe, trip-free scaffold platform system.

The ends of the boards are connected to each other by a simple retainer which ties down to the ledgers, using bungees or zip ties. Retainers can also join boards together along their full length – ideal for specialist work.

» Click here to download the PDF of our safety guide.

Watch the F-Board Demonstration Video.

Why choose F-Board?

Why choose the F-Board plastic scaffold board?

Wooden boards; you know what they’re like.

Here’s why people say F-Board is better...

Handles superbly

  • Consistently lightweight for handling and transport
  • Quick and easy to erect with transom markings
  • Wet or dry, its tactile grip makes it good to handle
  • Can easily be cut with a hand saw
Why choose the F-Board plastic scaffold board?

Keeps you safe

  • Locked-down retaining system reduces trips
  • Non-slip surface helps prevent slips, even in the wet
  • Doesn’t warp, twist or split
  • F-Board is made from fire retardant PVC
Why choose the F-Board plastic scaffold board?

Ethically sound

  • Demonstrates your social and environmental commitments
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces the demands on timber
  • Clear carbon trail for sustainability

Lease & buy-back

Lease and buy back the F-Board plastic scaffold board.

Whether you choose to buy your F-Board scaffolding outright, or lease it, you’ll see the benefits. And at the end of its useful life, we’ll buy it back*.


Leasing allows you to spread the cost while having your new F-Boards straight away.

Leasing can really help your business:

  • Spread cost over two or three years
  • Cost-effective way of investing in this capital equipment
  • Takes your boards off the books
  • Very TAX efficient
Lease and buy back the F-Board plastic scaffold board.

Buy-back scheme

At the end of their lifespan, we’ll buy back your F-Boards and recycle them into new boards*. Not only does this create a sustainable loop, but it also enhances your environmental credentials and benefits your bottom line.

  • Gives you an end-of-life return on your investment
  • Demonstrates your company’s green ethics
  • Paid by the metre (not by weight)

*Buy back is by the metre and subject to conditions.

The Spec

F-Board is a revolutionary plastic scaffold platform system.


Weight: 13kg (slight variations may occur)
Length: 3.9m (also available in 3m, 2.4m, 1.8m)
Width: 225 mm
Depth: 38 mm
Construction: Extruded Rigid PVC


Board colour: Standard is grey. Other colour options available
End caps: Optional
Company branding: Contact the sales department for options

F-Board is tested to BS EN 12810 and BS EN 12811 and is stronger than wooden scaffold boards.


“DSL trialled over 2,000 F Boards for 8 months at a high profile food manufacturer, where cleanliness was the customer’s highest priority. F Board ticked all the boxes and more! Our experience proved it to be maintenance free, easy to clean, lightweight and easy to use, as well as its environmentally friendly recycled credentials. A further big bonus was, as its weight is consistently accurate, unlike timber, there is no real upper and lower weight limit consideration when calculating your entire scaffold structure. Which is also great news when calculating your transport loads. So no more excess weight fines from VOSA!”

Steve Prower
Design & Engineering Manager.
Deborah Services Ltd (DSL)

“The F Board is truly revolutionary in safety, environmental and production values. With all the Health and Safety issues surrounding current timber boards, if you’re still asking yourself, why change to F Board? Well, it’s fire resistant, has no splinters or dust (so doesn’t contaminate its environment), can be steam cleaned, is much lighter, won’t suffer the effects of heat or cold, can’t soak up water, chemicals or saltwater, doesn’t warp or break, is a constant weight and strength, has no deterioration from mortar spills, requires no machine testing (as it’s an extruded product), has no splinters and sharp metal end bands to injure the operatives, and is the same size as a standard timber board. And besides all that actually works out cheaper than timber. All I can say, as someone committed to improving health and safety on scaffolding structures, the F Board is such an innovative replacement for timber boards it will, without any doubt, revolutionise the scaffolding industry.”

Julian Sanders
Safety Committee Member
The Scaffolding Association

“As they say ‘Safety is NO ACCIDENT’ the F Board has raised the standard for all those who work on access platforms. As a direct replacement for the wooden scaffold board, the F Board’s undergone a very stringent regime of tests and complies with BS EN 12810, BS EN 12811 and the standard set out for wood BS 2482:2009 It's the first all composite board to be put through such rigorous standards and fully comply. The carbon footprint of the F-Board is approximately one-sixth that of a wooden board which, in future, could make the difference between winning or losing a tender. It’s cleverly made from 100% recycled uPVC and is designed to give excellent impact and ultraviolet resistance. It’s a truly dextrous piece of kit that has multiple times the life expectancy of wood, plus an abundance of health & safety and environmental benefits. Simply put, the F Board is one of the most significant changes within the scaffold and access industry for decades!”

Daniel Norton
Founder, Editor & Industry journalist
The Scaffolding Magazine

“The F Board does everything it promises and it’s recycled too. Against all the safety hazards of timber boards, there’s just no comparison. Furthermore, F Board makes your scaffolding structure look really impressive, clean and professional. Its unique board retaining and toggle system is a really clever design, weaving the boards together seamlessly to create a consistently even and predictable working surface. They just don’t warp like timber! With no natural wastage F Board's been a very cost-effective investment, and an asset to our company, with its longer-life and enduring qualities. We also found, if stored for extended periods, wood rots and deteriorates whereas the plastic F Board is always as good as new. Even during a new apartment build job in Manchester, an HSE inspector commented on how impressed he was with the F Board.”

Richard Bucknell
Managing Director
Skyline Scaffolding (Northern) Ltd



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